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Model WEK-300S
Machine size 5465*765*1675mm
Voltage 220v 50hz
Power 6kw
Production speed 200-300 bags / minute
Product Size length 34-45mm width 35mm (in half)
Packaging film width 80-260mm depending on the thickness of the package
Packaging material composite film, aluminized film
Machine weight 800kg
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product description

This machine is suitable for medicine, sanitary materials, catering and other industries. Such as drug patches, sterile cotton towels, toilet paper towels, fragrant napkins and other products packaging. Double-degree-of-freedom lateral correcting device and vertical intelligent photoelectric trademark positioning system, continuous trademark, positioning trademark freely switchable, can automatically complete horizontal folding, switching, bag making, immersion, slitting, printing, counting (and pre-selection counting) And other functions. Double-row bag, four-side bag-type, the finished product is flat and beautiful.

Product advantages

It adopts original single servo or double servo motor control, which is more intelligent than other similar inverter motors or inverter controlled products at home and abroad, with higher packaging precision, wider adjustable range, more precise control and lower scrap rate. Better stability. Thanks to the world's leading fully open box structure, the transmission structure is clear at a glance, and maintenance is more convenient;

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