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Lens wiping wipes machine

Model WEK-2250
Machine size 3800mm×2600mm×1800mm
Voltage AC220V
Power 10Kw
Production speed 80-100pcs/min
Product Size length × width L40-140mm W40-110mm
Packaging film width 80-260mm depending on the thickness of the package
Packaging material The maximum coil diameter of non-woven needle-punched cotton and other materials is 800mm, and the reel aperture is 75mm.
Machine weight 1100kg
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product description

WEK-2250 four-side sealing wet wipes packaging machine WEK-2250 works stably and continuously, and is suitable for various four-side sealing products such as wet wipes, alcohol pads/cotton pads, etc.

Our new WEK-2250 wet wipes packaging machine has been updated with new machine programs and configurations. Using Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, the speed can reach up to 110-150 packages/minute, making the production efficiency higher and more stable. The machine has two speeds. The high-end machine can do 110-150 packs/min, and the ordinary machine can do 80-110 packs/min.


1. Material: This machine is made of 304, 316 stainless steel and PU materials for contact with liquids.

2. The machine operates stably and is suitable for all kinds of lens wipes/makeup remover wipes/alcohol pads and other four-side sealed wipes.

3. Japan's Panasonic photoelectric eye identifies and corrects the packaging film, and the white edge is within 1mm.

4. Non-woven fabrics can be folded according to different requirements, with up to 10 vertical folds and 4 horizontal folds.

5. Heat seal the packaging film twice to avoid leakage.

6. This machine is easy to operate and can freely adjust the packaging temperature and speed according to the packaging material, product thickness and length. Through the control of light, electricity and gas, fault self-diagnosis can be performed, and the language of the operating system can be changed to English, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and other languages.

7. Stacking counting can be carried out according to customer requirements.

8. Free switching between single and double package products.

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