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Model WEK-400+WEK-50
Machine size 20000mm×2000mm×2000mm
Voltage 220v 50hz
Power 15KW
Production speed 2000-4000 (sheets / min) (10-60 packs)
Product Size maximum winding diameter φ1200mm, width 600-1500mm, paper core φ76.2mm
Packaging film width 80-260mm depending on the thickness of the package
Packaging material composite film, aluminized film
Machine weight 12000kg
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This machine is a special equipment for producing multi-pack baby wipes (multi-pack/extraction). After folding, humidifying, cutting and stacking, the machine automatically enters the packaging machine after automatic output, and performs coding. Opening, labeling, packaging and packaging are finished products. The whole process requires no labor, all are fully automatic. The production process is fast and safe.


Applicable materials

spunlace non-woven fabric, hot rolled non-woven fabric, dust-free paper

Raw material weight


Folding method

"Z", "W", "C"(can be continuously extracted, can be extracted independently)

Production capacity

2000-4000 (sheets / min) (10-60 packs)

Production range

10-120 pumping/bag, product height within 80mm

Raw material size

maximum winding diameter φ1200mm, width 600-1500mm, paper core φ76.2mm

Folding size

length 100-250mm, width 90-110mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Expanded size

length 100-250mm, width 90-250mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Stacking method

electronic counting, variable number stacking system

Unwinding mechanism

2 sets of unwinding frame, automatic tension control system, synchronous conveying

Split mechanism

2 sets of parent rolls for 12 rows, or 12 independent paper holders

Opening mechanism

synchronous positioning and rotary cutting

Label system

synchronous paste open label

Humidification mixing system

two mixing tanks

Machine power

three-phase AC380V 50/60Hz 15KW

Machine size


Machine weight


Optional accessories

Full servo motor

Other specifications and special requirements, please customize

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